Our Story

Kariari is a curated collection of homewares designed and handcrafted by artisans. It was founded by Jay and Miho, a travel-loving husband and wife duo with quite a lofty goal: to bring the world to your homes while empowering artisans to create and pass their skills along for centuries to come.

Our extensive global travel has opened our eyes to the reality of the handicraft industry. We have always felt the overwhelming urge to have a hand in its preservation, but it wasn't until one momentous afternoon that we were inspired to start a social purpose business. Our story began in a quaint coastal town in Taiwan when we found out an old shop was closing for good. Jay has fond memories of going there as a child with his mom to purchase crisp bed sheets for summer. The demand for their handcrafted sheets has declined over the years, and with no one to pass on their knowledge, the elderly craftsmen have decided to close up shop and put the run-down building up for sale.

This story is all too familiar. We've witnessed this way too many times during our travels. Ask a handloom weaver in India why he's not able to make ends meet, and you'll get an answer more or less similar to the one above.

Kariari is our love letter to the world, a homage to all the artisans who allowed us a peek into their lives. This small business is an attempt to put a human face on the places we visit and the products we choose to welcome in our homes.